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Delhi University Cluster Innovation Centre

Aryan Sharma | November 2nd, 2019 . 5:06 pm






We have all had those moments in our student life where we have cursed the Indian education system for being old-fashioned. Especially, those students with diverse interests face problems in their higher education as they have to narrow down their expectations to meet the needs of India’s scuttled education system and limited job market. This is one of the significant reasons that leads to closure of mental horizons and contours on creativity.

Delhi University has an answer to this problem in the form of one of the most creative, yet a relatively unknown establishment, known as the DU Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC). Based on the western model of liberal education, CIC gives students an opportunity to design their own degree. Let me acquaint you with the history of the Centre, before heading into the interesting world of education that CIC offers.

Being a brain child of Dr. Dinesh, professor of mathematics, the institution sought to break major ground from its very inception, by deviating from the norm of how a college is conceptualized. It became the first Centre in DU to offer a B. Tech course. However, the course has been designed in a way to make students think out of the box. Instead of being a textbook-based B. Tech course, it encourages students to ideate, innovate and work on real world problems for the benefit of the society. Thus, it attempts to create a research culture right at the start of a student’s professional career.

The two other courses offered in CIC are B.A. in humanities and social sciences and a masters in mathematical education. What makes the B.A. course so special is the fact that the students opting for this can study in several DU colleges in different semesters while also studying varied subjects. Hence, a student can study political science in the Hindu College in one semester while taking up journalism from Lady Sri Ram College in another. This unique experience is only offered by CIC, as of now. While students cherish this unique opportunity, they also encounter a dilemma in cultivating strong friendships and enjoying a connection with college as they have to get accustomed to a new college each semester. At the end, students have to prioritize their goals in life. Nevertheless, it is a unique opportunity as they get to navigate the entire Delhi University as part of their college lives.

So now, you might think- How does one get into CIC? Obviously, it is not through cutoffs as you are not being tested for only one stream, but what’s being tested is your innovative capabilities. Thus, an entrance test is conducted for admission into CIC.

In an increasingly competitive environment with lesser jobs and more people, it has become difficult to stand out in the crowd. Opting for an institution like CIC gives the student a unique selling point by acquainting themselves with the best of all streams and an ability to research and innovate. At the end of bachelor’s degree, one also has the option of completing their masters in one of the subjects they studied. Thus, it’s also a good option for students confused about their careers. You can try out literally everything and figure out what suits you!

Institutions like CIC are the incubators of modern education and need to be given more funds and diversified as India branches into the next epoch of its development. Similar intent is needed from the students to not stay in their shells and expand their horizons. If you have diverse interests as well and are confused about your area of interest, then the Delhi University Cluster Innovation Centre is just what you had been looking for!

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