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Importance of Internships

Udisha Srivastav | February 19th, 2021 . 12:52 pm






Gone are the days when college students used to list their prospects and their career jobs. At present, college students don’t wait for the clock to alarm at the right time. They start planning early and implement their planning strategy too.

During college, internships help college students to have an edge over others. Away from the Luddite mindset, college students start struggling much before the “time” arises. Internships are the best way to prove your skills, potential, and find your field of interest. A lens to a great exposure Undoubtedly, internships are a lens to wide exposure to corporate life. They help us in presenting a clear idea about our prospects. Dealing with the corporate pressure, organizing ourselves according to our organization, and managing our schedules accordingly are the skills that a good internship indeed provides. Navigate into innumerable fields Internships aren’t like jobs that take years. They are meant for a short period giving us enough vacuum to navigate into innumerable fields. One can do several different internships and after a first-hand experience, one would have a clear idea about their field of interest. Maximize your potential For a lot of people, internships are an added burden to the college activities. However, on the contrary, it helps to organize our college lives and make us learn skills like time management, work organization, planning, pressure handling and even more. An element of fun! Internships are fun to do. If one is living a mini-life that they have imagined in their future, isn’t it fun then? Indeed. Moreover, what’s wrong with having some extra cash in your kitty bag. Here are a few quotes on the importance of internships by college students:- EkanshJauhari
EkanshJauhari, a student of Hans Raj College, Delhi University said, “I have done 5 English content writing and a maths content development internship in 2017-18. My experience was quite good and this period of internships gave me ample opportunities to polish my skills and explore in the direction of my interests. Internships gave me a better idea of professionalism and provided me with reasonable exposure to the corporate world”. Harsh Goyal
“My first internship was in a start-up as a content writer. But to my surprise, I had to do almost every task due to various requirements. It was fun though as I got to learn many things in a very short time. Those 2 months of my experience was way better than my entire college education. Internships taught me how to handle corporate pressure and also helped me in improving my skills to a great extent”, said Harsh Goyal, an engineering student in South Delhi. Nakshatra Shah
Nakshatra Shah, a student of Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University said, “Graduation is sort of incomplete if you have rummaged through books and haven’t had a hand on experience of the actual work. Here arises the role of internships. While many of us think internships are a tad bit troublesome, and some of the interns have to share not so good experiences, internships are like a window to the actual corporate world, the work culture where you would be plunged in after you complete your higher studies. I’ve interned more than I have attended classes and my internships gradually helped me encroach into the freelancing territory. I’ve earned the guidance of some really good mentors from work, and experience that has taught me patience, perseverance and helped me realize my potential as well. Internships are important for youngsters, especially those pursuing graduation or enrolled in some form of higher studies. They help you practice being a part of the work culture, and you handle the task rather than reading in books how they should be handled. Internships are the other word for insight in a college students’ life”. Vasundhara Singh
“My first internship was as a content writer and I remember going into it without knowing what the outcome would be. The two most important outcomes were, internships can help students to earn some extra cash and be a little independent on their own at the same time and learn what they are passionate about. An internship can help lay a foundation for your future and at the same time, make your parents proud of you”, said Vasundhara Singh, a student of Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University. Moreover, internships are like an option. Whether to opt for them or not, it’s one’s decision. Though, it is very significant that one enjoys and loves what they do. ‘Loving what you do’ is the mantra to gain perfection. So, what next? Today’s time is the time of perfection and perfection is hardly on time. It needs enough hard work and dedication and internships can help you try your hands at these things.
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