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Why civil services are always a center of attraction for youngsters?

Udisha Srivastav | March 22nd, 2020 . 8:13 pm






In contemporary times, all of us are struggling to thrive. The world is posing a really tough time for youngsters, especially those who are battling amongst the various career profiles anticipating to find out the one that would suit them the best. However, the struggle in terms of competition has become very common.

Youngsters seem to be leaving no stone unturned to get into the prestigious colleges and institutions. From cracking IITs to IIMs, and from NEET to AIIMS examinations, the sky is the limit for the aspiring generation of today. The same is the story of the most competitive and prestigious civil services exams. It seems like there is an ongoing trend amongst youngsters to step in the field of civil services. The multi-step selection process is exhausting and it could even go on for years but who can stop you to dream big?

Considered to be one of the toughest exams in the country, the civil services exams are conducted by the Union Public Service Commission which is India\’s major regulatory body. There has been a noted upsurge in the number of candidates who have been taking up for the civil services exams every year. However, the probability of those clearing their way to the top IAS (Indian Administrative Services), IFS (Indian Foreign Services, IPS (Indian Police Services), IIS (Indian Information Services) is very less. In the year 2017, approximately 10 lakh candidates applied for the civil services exam and only close to 2500 candidates got to appear in the interview. Such is the trend of the civil services exams that only a few get to shine amongst the lakhs. talked to a few civil services aspirants in New Delhi to know about their aspiration and the brighter side of taking up these civil services examinations.

“I am a third-year student of the Political Science department at Gargi College in the University of Delhi. I have always aspired to be an IAS officer in the future. Initially, I even opted for the Political Science course for my graduation, so that I could later carry it forward as my optional subject in the civil services exams”, said Anushka Jauhari, a student at the University of Delhi.

Upon asking why she wants to opt civil services as her career choice, she responded, “I believe that whatever reputation the IAS officers, IPS officers, and even cops have amongst the citizens, they can still perform better. I can’t imagine if we would be really at peace if these post holders aren’t around. I was a kid when I got to know that a lady officer has been posted in our district area. It was the time when I loved my place. No crime, no misbehavior, no disobedience. That was the time when I realized that a woman could be better at everything that she isn’t expected at. Since then, I have always wanted to become a bureaucrat to administer my place”.

Sonia Jakhar, a graduate of Gargi College, University of Delhi said, “This year itself, I have completed my graduation from a prestigious college. Although I graduated in Zoology then I made up my mind to try my luck at civil service exams. I realized my potential while I was doing my graduation. I always wanted to be a Ph.D. scholar and then a professor at some International University. I even cleared the Masters’ entrance examinations at various colleges. But, as all youngsters do, I also dwindled a bit and chose to opt for civil services after my graduation”.

“I think a lot of youngsters want to go for these exams because they think and even I do think that it’s a one-time competition. After that, if you were lucky enough to get through, you are all set with your secure future. Undoubtedly, it’s a huge investment in terms of money, energy, and support from your dearest ones but once you are set, you could expect your life to be somewhat nutritious”, Sonia added.

“Since childhood, I loved watching detective shows. My mother tells me that when children around me used to watch cartoon shows, I used to live in my fantasy detective world. Then, I developed to have the hawk\’s vision and so on. There was a time after my graduation when I could see my bright career with enough clarity in the civil services exams especially as an officer in the Indian Police Service”, said Sankalp Mishra who would go for the exam in the next year.

Sankalp added that he can look through things with a distant vision. He has won several Olympiads, competitions, and he is a sportsperson too. “Along with all of this, I think if there is a place for me where my growth trajectory would be maximum, that is this place. I would love to place my skills and abilities at a better place and prove my mettle in society”.

“I want to lead a very tough and challenging life. I am a UPSC aspirant. For us, the challenge starts right from the green signal to our mind that we seriously want to go for it. Then we carry this challenge to paper and then to the practical apparatus, that is our field of work. I think it’s much easier for those people sitting at the helm to decide the fate of ordinary citizens. Coming from a middle-class family, I had to struggle in every aspect of my life be it finances or emotions. Thus, I think if people like me are at those positions, we would all be leading a comparatively easy life”, said Sakshi Srivastava, a UPSC aspirant from New Delhi.

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