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Girls should opt for STEM subjects

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To elaborate on the myth that girls have different minds than boys, no study withholds it. There is no such thing as a “female-mind” and a “male-mind”. It is just a notion to prove some legacy. Both girls and boys have the same mind actually, but the demarcation starts from social upbringing and social conditioning. […]

ECA Admissions- An alternative entry route to DU

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Delhi University is one of the dream destinations for most students who pass class 12. However, most colleges of the university have sky high cutoffs that make them inaccessible to a majority of students. However, a good percentage in academics is not the only path that leads you to DU. There is also an alternative […]

Delhi University Cluster Innovation Centre

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We have all had those moments in our student life where we have cursed the Indian education system for being old-fashioned. Especially, those students with diverse interests face problems in their higher education as they have to narrow down their expectations to meet the needs of India’s scuttled education system and limited job market. This […]