Find your passion and dedicate yourself completely for it – Arsh Gautam, AIR 72, JEE Advance 2017





Arsh Gautam, presently a B. Tech computer science student of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, has achieved 236 rank in JEE Mains & 72 rank in JEE Advance, 2017

Coming from a very humble background, confident Arsh Gautam has a lot to tell about his journey, passion, dreams & many things to inspire.

Congratulations Arsh ! How are you feeling by being in top 100 rank of JEE Advance?

I am very happy on being able to secure a two digit rank in JEE. I believe that it is a great reward for my constant work and dedication for 2 years.

What was your overall and section wise score in JEE Main & Advance 2017?

My overall score in JEE-Advanced was 310/366. My scores in different sections were:

Maths – 107/122

Physics – 94/122

Chemistry – 109/122

Now that you are in IIT Delhi – Computer Science, what do you think was the key factor behind your performance in this most competitive engineering exam?

I believe that my self-confidence played a big role in my performance. I did not take studying science as a burden but I enjoyed it. I tried to rectify my mistakes everyday and gradually developed over the course of two years.

What was your strongest subject among all? What was your exam taking strategy for JEE Main & Advance 2017?

My strongest subject was Maths and I have also qualified RMO in 2015 which is supposed to be a very tough examination in Mathematics although I scored highest marks in Chemistry in JEE-Advanced. Initially I used to do a lot of silly mistakes because of time pressure and lack of concentration. I rectified this by taking a lot of mock tests and giving every test with complete concentration in 3 hours which is the time duration of Mains and Advance papers. I tried to stay calm and tried to correctly attempt all the questions that I know completely during the examination. This helped to minimize my mistakes, thus, increasing my score.

How much time you devoted for your preparation? How did you manage your school & preparation simultaneously?

Everyday I studied for about 10-12 hours including school and coaching. I think that if one pays full attention in class then he/she does not need to study for many hours after school and coaching. I think that the hours of study change with every individual but one should study with complete dedication whenever he/she is studying. I liked science so I did not face any problem in devoting almost half of my day studying it. 

What was your dream during preparation? Any specific reason for considering IIT Delhi – CSE as final option.

To be very honest, I didn’t have any big dreams while preparing for JEE. Only thing that I wanted was to be able to perform my best in JEE. I always had interest in logical thinking, mathematics and coding and thus wanted to pursue computer science as a major. I was very happy when I got the opportunity to study computer science in IIT Delhi.

What were your other activities during your preparation? Is there anything from your learning which you want to share with other aspirants?

I liked to play football and watch cricket & football matches on television. I think we should not completely sacrifice our hobbies while preparing as it will make life stress-full and boring. But one the other hand we should manage our time well and not spend all the time on our hobbies only.

What is your native place? What is your family background? What was the role of your family members in guiding you towards your performance?

I belong to Begusarai, Bihar. Though my family shifted in Delhi when I was in class 3rd. My father is a medium sized contractor while my mother is a house-wife. My family members always supported and guided me in my decisions. They did not always keep a check on what I was studying but provided me motivation when I needed it the most.

Besides studies what is your favourite activity? What is your passion?

I like to play football and code. My passion is to do anything that I do with complete dedication. I think that if I have devoted time in some activity then it should reflect my work.

Who is your role model and why?

My role model is Elon Musk. I like his personality and his passion towards realization of his goals.

What is your future dream?

I want to contribute something to the society using my coding and other relevant skills which could bring a significant positive change in life of our civilization.

Today there is extreme pressure upon school students as apart from school, they also have to attend tuition coaching classes etc. What are your thoughts on this situation?

 I think that if we have a passion to study science and mathematics, if we do not see it as a burden then it won’t be much of a pressure. There has to be some extra efforts put in to make us gain something.

But, importantly I would like to say that if you feel at any point of time that the pressure is too much, reduce some of your work load, as :

“All IITians may be successful but all successful people are not IITians”

So, if you are not good in science and mathematics, no need to worry, just try to find your passion and dedicate yourself completely for it. The world is much more than JEE.

What are your tips for students preparing for JEE Main/Advance?

I agree there is more work to do as compared to student of other streams but if we work with complete spirit and dedication then it would open our gates for a very comfortable life in future. There is something to be lost if we want to gain something. If everybody could have done that then everybody would have been living a comfortable life. So, if we are ready to sacrifice few hours of our sleep and another few hours of our time that we spend on our mobile phones and direct them to our development then we can gain what very few other people can or have been able to achieve.

Congratulations once again & wish you all the best for your future.

Thank you very much.


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