IIT Delhi Start-Up Launched an Anti-microbial Water Container

Nidhi Gahlot | October 10th, 2020 . 12:05 am




An IIT Delhi based start-up NanoSafe Solutions has launched an antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal water storage containers. They have named the product as “AqCure” which is referred as the inherent antimicrobial properties of copper.

AqCure is a technology in which active nano-copper is released in a sustainable manner from a polymer matrix. The Released copper makes the surface antimicrobial and micro-biologically safe.

Dr. Anasuya Roy, the CEO of NanoSafe Solutions said that “AqCure, being an abbreviation of Aqua that cures, is a smart active copper release technology. AqCure bottles and containers release active copper to fortify stored drinking water as well as make water free from viruses and bacteria. Drinking from AqCure bottle boosts immunity.


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