IIT, Madras Students Developed A COVID-19 Awareness Game

Nidhi Gahlot | November 2nd, 2020 . 10:11 pm




An online game “IITM Covid Game” has been created by the students of IIT, Madras. The game focuses on spreading awareness among the public on the precautions issued by the government to safeguard themselves against coronavirus. The game has been created in several Indian languages.

The Game has been developed by the students who took the nine-credit elective course called ‘Let’s Play To Learn’. This course was offered by the institute during the January-May 2020 semester.

The “IITM Covid Game” is a browser-based game. It can be accessed from the letsplaytolearn.com website. Those who want to play the game can access it from the IIT Madras website at iitm.ac.in.


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