Meet Agastya Jaiswal, The First Boy in India to Complete Graduation at the Age of 14

Nidhi Gahlot | November 21st, 2020 . 12:46 am




The age of 14, when most of the children are busy playing games and enjoying themselves with their friends, Agastya Jaiswal a boy from Hyderabad has completed his graduation degree. At the age of just 14, Agastya has become the first boy in India to complete a BA in Mass Communication and Journalism.

Not only this, he was also the first boy in Telangana to pass the 10th class and 12th class at just the age of 9 years and 11 years respectively. He is also a national level table tennis player and has also the ability to write with both hands. Besides studies and sports, he is also a singer cum piano player and an international motivational speaker too.


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