No Examinations for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses: Odisha Government

Nidhi Gahlot | December 8th, 2020 . 2:36 am




The Odisha government has announced to not conduct the examinations for the undergraduate and the postgraduate students in the state. The decision has been taken due to improper academic sessions of the colleges. The academic session has been badly affected as many of the students were not able to take the online classes due to their reasons.

The Education Ministry of Odisha has written an official letter to the Chancellors and Heads of various universities regarding the same. The Official Letter states, “Due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic related dislocation, the academic session has been badly affected. Though online teaching is continuing, most of the students are unable to get the benefits of such online teaching due to various reasons. Therefore, at present, it is not desirable to hold examination based only on online teaching.”

According to the letter, the examination would be conducted only after the resumption of the physical mode of teaching and completion of the syllabus.



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