Pandemic turned complete change in the system of classes

Team Edukeeda | December 26th, 2020 . 6:01 pm




Pandemic Covid-19 turned the changes in the education system differently. Things simply got unpredictable. Classes changed it look from physical to direct online level. Books turned its place with mobile and laptop. Home now new classroom and examination hall a online department.

Institute from schools to colleges turned into a drastically new technology environment. Everything happening made a bit challenging task for everyone but still managing anyhow is the best thing.

The ‘new normal’ of online classes, however, got mixed reactions given that internet and technology remain beyond the reach of a majority of Indian homes, especially in lower income groups and those in remote areas.

This new technology driven stage was bit disrupting too by not having any exams, getting promoted without attending the class, fees issue in this lockdown and many such things affected the education system due to pandemic in 2020.

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