Researchers at IIT Madras have Created a Biodegradable Wrapping Paper

Nidhi Gahlot | October 12th, 2020 . 9:17 pm




In the world of packed food, getting your food packed in a material that is less harmful is the concern of all. But the researchers at IIT Madras has created the solutions of this problem. The researchers have created a biodegradable and antibacterial wrapping paper that can prevent contamination of food and also reduce plastic pollution.

This sustainable, antimicrobial wrapping material has also won the ‘SITARE- Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) Appreciation 2020’ award.

Prof. Mukesh Doble of Department of Biotechnology, IIT Madras and Puja Kumari, a research scholar under him has made this product. The researchers have also filed an Indian patent for the product as well.


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