Rs 20 Lakh Aid Granted for Children of Jail Inmates by Kerala Government

Nidhi Gahlot | November 8th, 2020 . 12:35 am




The Government of Kerala has allotted a fund of Rs 20 lakh for the education of children of jail inmates. The Social Justice Minister of the State KK Shylaja has announced that a total of Rs 15 lakh has been sanctioned for the basic education of the children and aid of Rs 5 lakh for their professional studies.

The education aid has been sanctioned with an aim to bring all these children into the mainstream area of society. The scheme will benefit the children of women prisoners and those belonging to the families, which are headed by ladies as the male member is jailed.

The Minister stated, “When the breadwinners of the family are in jail, the education of innocent children is stopped abruptly. The government is implementing the project to ensure that their studies are not hampered.”


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