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Evolution of Appliances to Devolution of Environment

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Humans encounter with a plethora of objects every day that technology has touched. An evident and rapid advancement in home appliances has rendered the evolution that we witness, from needles to sewing machines, mops to vacuum cleaners, fans to coolers to air conditioners, etc. With the growing needs of mankind, inventions were made to serve […]

Dealing With Smart Homes & Smart Appliances

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Introduction to Smart Homes & IoT: With the innovation of the latest technology and newer gadgets, everything around us is just getting smarter day by day. With the advent of home automation, electricity bill gets remarkably reduced and our life gets easier at the same time. Earlier smart home technology was treated as a luxury, […]

How IOT will reshape industries in the coming future

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How IoT will reshape industries in the coming future. The innovative market changes at close light speed nowadays, yet in the market Internet of things seems to be changing conceivably the quickest. Today, edge analytics are emerging as the next big thing as new technologies are making it possible for data to be analyzed and […]