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Clubs And Hostel Life of IET Lucknow

Nitin Srivastava | February 19th, 2021 . 1:07 pm






First of all, welcome to IET Lucknow (More popularly known as “engineering college” in Lucknow)!

Here, we are going to talk about the hostel life and clubs of IET. So “Fachhos” (term famously used for freshers in all campuses), you will be staying in four hostels during your B. Tech course, namely, “Ramanujan hostel” for first yearites which has most facilities as it is the most recent established boys hostel. For girls, “Sarojni Bhawan” is the new place to live but with a lot of restrictions. In this article, you will be getting a brief overview of hostel life and clubs and what to expect from your college life as IETian.

Hostel – Home away from home

If you are familiar with the hostel culture, i.e., have lived in a hostel previously, then it will be quite easy for you to deal with things and issues. But if you have not stayed in

hostels before, then you should be aware of issues and how to deal with them. As a hostel resident, you will be dealing with –

1. Roommates

Dealing with roommates is one of the unavoidable and unexpected issues, if they are not cooperative. Most of the students agree that they don’t want to share room with the same roommates again, irrespective of which college they belong from. But if you have your roommates as your best friends, you are going to get memories which you can cherish throughout your life.

As roommate, you have to leave your protective or possessive nature over your personal or expensive things as you have to share with them as and when they need. If not, you will be ruining your relationships with roomies and will end up fighting over small things. It is important to understand that when you are far from home, roommates become your family. So maintaining healthy relations with your roommates is necessary.

Now, being specific to IET Lucknow. For ‘boys’, you will be having 3 roommates in first and second year, i.e. 4 persons will share a room; but for ‘girls’, there will be 3 students per room as the number of girls are less. Rooms are spacious, with beds, ceiling fans, tubelights, table, chair and 3 cupboards are provided.

2. Mess Food

Mess food is a thing of concern for parents as well as students. But in IET, mess food is quite decent. But you might get bored with it soon. Mess has vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes in its menu. Also, students mutually decide what will be the menu in the frequent mess committee meetings. But as we know, nothing is better than “Ghar ka Khana”. In starting, mess food might not suit you but you will become habituated to it.

3. Hostel Management

Not a problem for boys (so chill); but for girls, this is an issue in IET. In the start, strict rules exist like no exit from hostel gate after 7:30 pm, else you will be fined. However, with time the strict rules are changing. So your freedom will not be compromised.

Buzz About Hostel Life

Feeling freedom of living on your own rules sounds quite thrilling and is actually very interesting too. You will be creating memories in the moments you won’t expect. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Birthdays

Well, boys and girls have different ways of celebrating birthdays but one thing is common- ‘memories’. Imagine a room full of friends counting down in seconds waiting for midnight. No, not for New Year, but to beat you like crazy on the auspicious occasion of your birthday (sounds painful though, but it’s the way of showering love). Contributing secretly for your cake and then doing a facial on you with it. That’s how memories are created. But it is the boys hostel culture for birthdays. Girls celebrate their birthday in a peaceful manner, a room decorated beautifully and printouts of some lovely and ugly pics is their way of showing love. With hostel, your birthdays will become more memorable.

2. Movie Nights

A group of friends watching movie together whole night, lights closed. Even serious situations turns into moments of laughter with friends. Hostel life is beautiful.

3. Canteen stories

Only if your hostel has canteen. Luckily, Ramanujam hostel has one. Important life decisions are taken over tea and coffee or breakup stories are shared with cold-drinks.

Deep conversations happen on the canteen table. Also, Maggie at 1 am is the most important meal for hungry owls.

4. Late night studies

Getting satisfaction that your bestie is behind you one night before exams, so you mutually decide to stay awake and cover the whole syllabus in one night. Those little breaks as refreshments are the best thing that can happen to you while you are studying.


To nurture your hobbies or to find your hidden talent, you have clubs to get involved into and keep yourself busy. There are different clubs in IET. You can join one or more clubs and even earn some medals in competitions at IITs and IIMs.

Clubs are mentioned below

1. Music club (Swaranjali)– One of the oldest club of IET.

2. Rock band (Auroras)- The western music club of IET .

3. Dance club (Insaniax)- Got some moves? Join Insaniax and set the stage on fire.

4. Coding club (Fractal) – If you are a coding geek, then join fractal and code under the guidance of seniors.

5. Literary club (Excelsior)- Good writing skills? Got opinions over topics, then join.

6. Social club (Parmarth)- Teaching slum children and giving them weapon of education is the main aim of this club.

7. Dramatics (Josh)- Most award winning club of IET. Famous across colleges for its “nukkads”.

The stage is yours.

Hope you will be getting awesome college days at IET! Best of Luck!

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