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Debunking the myths around Girls Colleges

Udisha Srivastav | August 26th, 2019 . 5:29 pm






To be a student of a Girls college is extremely a pleasure. If you want to know about Girls colleges, don’t go by some stupid Indian soap opera or any stereotypical Bollywood movie. A Girls College is as much active and agile as any other college. Still, a bad reputation is something which remains intact with them.

To debunk these misconceptions, Edukeeda has curated a list for you. Let us find out if you were also fooled by these misconceptions.

An arena for cat-fights and bitching

It’s not only about Girls colleges but in general, girls are perceived to be bitchy. Again, thanks to the experience of a few intelligent men who throw away these speculations on others. Wherever it is left to advertise about these misapprehensions, soap opears and Bollywood does that well.

“Everyone outside, mostly my male friends believe that all of us are bitchy. Though they exclude me from that category still, they think that whenever I am in the college around my friends, I get on a bitchy mode. Likewise, I have heard many people saying that Girls colleges are less of a college and more of a soap opera stage because we are always fighting with each other like kids”, said Divya Tripathi, a student of Kamala Nehru College.

“True friendships” is an illusion

Lovely Singh, a student of Gargi College said, \”I don\’t know why people think that only boys have a monopoly over true friendships stuff. Our college friendships remain until our lifetime. I don\’t get when people segregate the definition of friendships like this\”.

Who says that girls can\’t be true friends? Haven\’t you read the memes on social media that says how dangerous it gets when two girls hate the same person? The hilarious thing is people believe that most of the times we love the same person.

A home for Psuedo Feminists 

“Whenever I talk to some male friend and tell them that I am in a Girls college, the first they tell me is that I must be a Feminist. The belief which they have on us is superb. But, here comes the problem. They believe that since we don\’t have any work to do, so we opt on to carrying the flag of feminists. But the reality is opposite. We get to know what it means to be a feminist in our college itself”, said Apoorva Dubey, a student of Gargi College.

Make-up is our priority

“Wearing make-up and short dresses is a choice. It\’s not an obligation that if I am in a Girls college, I am ought to wear make-up and short and attractive skirts. I got to my college in Pyjamas and that\’s my choice. I don\’t find any intelligence in people when they start generalizing everything about girls”, said Vasundhara Singh, a student of Kamala Nehru College.

Fun without boys is #NoFun

“Nothing can be my favorite destination when I am in a girl’s college. I have cancelled trips with my school friends so that I can hang out with my college besties. I doubt if I can find the same comfort anywhere that I find with them”, said, a student of Gargi College.


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