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Delhi University- the underrated south campus

Aryan Sharma | February 19th, 2021 . 1:32 pm






The Delhi University admissions are again in full swing and students across the country have begun to flock in various Delhi University colleges to get into their dream college. The cutoffs, though, have left many students heartbroken. Many colleges closed admissions after just the first cutoff list. Students securing as high as 95 percent have been left without a college.

However, is this really the truth?

If we look closer, all these students have reduced DU to the much acclaimed North Campus. This is nothing new. For years now, students have constantly thought of Delhi University as being limited to colleges like Hindu and Stephens. This has led to a conditioned bias towards all south campus colleges. Students ignore the merits of south campus colleges because of the years of indoctrination where the north campus is presented as a fabled students’ heaven whereas the south campus as its distant ugly counterpart that should be referred to only when all options are closed.

Thus, many students are plunged into heartbreak when they cannot make it to a north campus college. However, in an almost equal number of cases, the south campus provides equal if not more opportunities and fun than north campus colleges. Let’s look into some myths and falsehoods around the DU South campus and north campus.

Of course, the most commonly held assumption is that the quality of education in the north campus is better. Nothing can be further away from the truth. All professors in Delhi University are completely randomized and any professor can find their way to any college. Thus, the quality of education rather depends on the particular college culture and not the campus. A professor in the north campus will not help you any more than one in the south campus if you don’t take initiative yourself and probe the teacher for answers.

The merits of individual courses are also surrounded by myths in the DU folklore. Many Science and Art courses are more reputed in south campus colleges and students are simply unaware of it. The Sri Venkateshwara College (Venky) in the south campus has constantly ranked among the top five colleges offering science courses at Delhi University. LSR, another south campus college, is one of the most distinguished colleges in Delhi University and has year after year, seen its students get into premier institutions and bag hefty packages with corporates. The South Campus is the place for Journalism students. Colleges like Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, LSR, Kamla Nehru College are frontrunners in Media education.

What about the extracurricular activities and the famed societies of Delhi University? Here, too, the south campus does not lag far behind. The debating societies of DCAC, Venky, KNC, and LSR are among the very best in DU constantly making it to the final stages of tournaments. Similarly, societies related to dance, music, and drama are also breaking ground on the south campus.

The north campus is certainly the hotbed for college politics. However, it can be as much of a nuisance as it is an advantage. Lectures are constantly suspended during the election season. This time of the year also witnesses instances of political violence which is mostly limited to the north campus. The south campus is relatively silent during the election season. Though campaigning takes place, indiscipline and suspension of lectures are rare. Thus, if the hustle-bustle of politics is not your cup of tea then you should seriously think twice before going into a north campus college.

What about the fun though? Can the south campus compare to the fun of places like Kamala Nagar and Hudson Lane? The answer to this is also positive. Places like Satya Niketan are student hubs in the south campus with the best cafes and hangout spots in Delhi. Sarojini Nagar provides the original Delhi feel with it’s overflowing markets. The Indian Habitat Centre, India International Centre, and The Nehru Library are also nearby for those with an intellectual bend of mind.

Students need to realize that it’s much better to carve your personality and find yourself in the south campus than to become a part of the crowd and an afterthought in the north. Many students make the blunder of changing their course just to become a part of the north campus. This leaves them neither here nor there as they become clueless studying something contrary to their skill set.

At the end of the day, your graduation certificate will carry the name of Delhi University and not a particular college. Thus, the south campus and north campus are just two sides of the same coin. What matters is your conviction and your will to succeed. If you don’t have that, then no campus or professor can help you. However, if you do, then the sky is the limit!


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