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Delhi University to shape personalities through College Societies

Udisha Srivastav | February 19th, 2021 . 12:56 pm






The admission process of Delhi University has begun. Students who aspire to graduate from this esteemed University are flocking from every corner of the nation to the national capital. Though the cut-off lists of the varsity in different undergraduate courses are always high, there is a more flexible way to avail your admission and that is through Extra-Curricular activities quota (generally called as ECA quota). From dance to theatre and from music to debating, these college societies have much to offer. They help to furnish and polish one’s skills and act as a catalyst to provide greater exposure to students. Edukeeda engaged with a few girls who are members of some of the societies in their colleges to know about their experiences. Extra-Curricular Activities Deeksha, Theatre society
“I joined the theatre society at my college when I was in the first year because I love doing theatre. Eventually, I started hating it because how DU societies work is very new and seems difficult for a person who has just passed out of school. There is too much pressure, so many responsibilities, and thus, I wanted to leave it but eventually, I realized it\’s not only theatre, dance or write-ups which the respective societies ask you to do. It\’s an all-around work. It masters you in your art, management, public relations, administrative work and a lot of other things. I got a lot of exposure through my society and I would recommend all the new admissions to join and experience at least one society in their college life”, said Deeksha, a member of Lakshya, the theatre society of Kamala Nehru College. Anshika, Western Dance society “Being in a western dance society has helped me grow not only as a dancer but as a person as well. We have a very tight schedule. If the reporting time is 8 am, we have to be there by 8 am. It has disciplined me in various ways. I have traveled a lot and we have had our outstation trips. I have made some friends who are like family now. Moreover, the entire society feels like a family”, said Anshika, a member of Enigma, the Western Dance society of Kamala Nehru College.
A joyful experience “It has helped me to improve my communication skills and helped me grow as a learner. Performing in front of a huge crowd has boosted my confidence. Since we do not get to attend classes, we have a constant pressure to perform well in exams to manage both our academics and co-curricular activities which has further improved my time management skills. The society has taught me what being a regular college student is like”, added Anshika. Vasundhara, Creative Writing Society “I have been an immensely shy person throughout the school. Thus, I was determined to change that when I entered college. I became a part of the Creative writing society of my college: Expressions. Furthermore, I also decided to participate in a creative writing competition and surprisingly, won. That changed who I am. I instantly became more confident and realized my love for writing. Since then, I have participated in writing as well as slam poetry competitions and won a few times. I am no longer the shy and demure girl that I used to be”, said Vasundhara, a member of Expressions, the Creative Writing society of Kamala Nehru College.
Tarriene, Western Music Society
“I got admission in my college because of my love for music. The society has helped me to understand the system of music on a very small scale. It helps to connect with people which indirectly allows me to know what their goals are as a musician. Furthermore, it has helped me to grow in my sense of musicality. It has trained me more on my ears. Now, I can understand my skills at a deeper level”, said Tarriene, a member of Zepher, the Western Music Society of Kamala Nehru College. Sayani, Indian Music Society
“My society brought a couple of changes in me. It taught me to be patient with others as well as myself. We rehearse for an hour daily and sometimes, it happens that people don’t get the notes right and you need to practice the same note over and over again. Sometimes, it’s you who isn’t able to pick up the notes right and sometimes, it’s others. You get irritated when it happens. I used to get very irritated and give up on myself and others. But, society has helped me to become more patient. I would attribute this change to my society”, said Sayani, a member of Sangeetika, the Indian Music Society of Kamala Nehru College.
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