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Electronic Bike Conversion Kit

Anjali Rawat | July 26th, 2019 . 12:29 pm






Is your old bike now asking you for modifications?

OR, are you now totally tired of just pedaling and also want to enjoy the downhills?

You need not worry anymore! Because now turning your bike into a high performance E-Bike has been made easier with Electronic Bike Conversion kit. Without cutting your pockets, you can easily swipe the kit over to a new bike.



What is an Electric Bike Conversion kit?

An ‘Electric Bike Conversion kit’ is a kit that can help you to convert your conventional bicycle into an electrically assisted one. All you need to do is: Replace your front wheel or rear wheel with an Electric Bike Conversion Kit and forget the worries for oil changes and filter changes. One time investment and zero maintenance is what an E-bike Conversion kit requires.

What does the ‘E-Bike Conversion kit’ include?

An ‘E-Bike Conversion kit’ usually contain these things:

MOTOR: that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

BATTERY: that acts as a fuel kit.

CONTROLLER (METER): that reads the throttle setting of the e-bike and adjusts the current being supplied to the motor.

THROTTLE: that gives you better control, thereby increasing your run time.

POWER SENSOR: that converts high-frequency power to a DC or low-frequency signal.  


Classification of ‘Electronic Bike Conversion Kit

Position of Motor:

On the basis of position of motors in the conversion kits, the kits have been classified as Front Wheel  Electronic Bike Conversion Kit ,Rear Wheel Electronic Bike Conversion Kit and Centre Motor Conversion Kit.

Presence of Battery:

Another classification of kits has been done on the basis of whether battery is included or not in the kits.

How to install the Electric Bike Conversion Kits?

The E-Bike Conversion kit has everything enough for the modification of your bike and is too simple to install. You can even install it yourself if you follow the direction on the kit carefully.

First, you need to remove the front original wheel. They can also be removed by loosening the brake cables. Then you need to install the Imortor wheel, wire bus and the throttle. After installing these components of the kit, the wires need to be fixed in the correct position. At last, install the phone holder and finally the lithium battery.

What is the best electric bike conversion kit?

Well, this is probably the question that most of you would like to ask.

There are a number of brands of these E-bike conversion kits that have been ranked according to their technical details. But that is not always the case. There is no best kit to turn your bike into a high quality E-bike. You need to research and find the most suitable kit according to its compatibility with the gearing and derailleurs.

How fast is an electric bicycle hub motor bike conversion kit?

How fast your E-bike will become after installation of the conversion kit completely depends on its motor. The more speed and torque your E-bike gets from the motor, the faster your bike will go. And this high speed and high torque can be determined from how the wounding has been done.

Where to buy electric bike conversion kit from?

There are several channels available for your reference. Some of them are below:

Online Shopping:

You can find a number of best selling E-Bike Conversion kits on Amazon and eBay and it can indeed save a lot of money. Reviews are also available so that you get to know the product even better.

Official website of brands:

We recommend you to go to the brand’s official website to buy. There you can communicate with the seller in detail and get to know which kit is compatible with your bicycle. You can clear your queries regarding the motor efficiency and services.

Your nearest stores:

If you don’t consider online shopping the best, you can also go to the physical stores near you and let the serviceman help you install it. You can also test the kit there and get a safe product.

So that was all about the ‘Electric Bike Conversion Kit’. Now you can also get a kit of your own, convert your bicycle into an E-bike and make your ride more fun!!

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