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Evolution of Appliances to Devolution of Environment

Chhavi Malik | October 15th, 2019 . 9:12 pm






Humans encounter with a plethora of objects every day that technology has touched. An evident and rapid advancement in home appliances has rendered the evolution that we witness, from needles to sewing machines, mops to vacuum cleaners, fans to coolers to air conditioners, etc. With the growing needs of mankind, inventions were made to serve their purposes better.  Inventions not only emerged but also branched themselves, for instance, a variety of refrigerators, stoves, microwaves are designed depending upon the emerging needs of people. Certainly, owing to this evolution, humans reap the benefits of convenience, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Despite the boon that dawns upon mankind owing to advancements in home appliances, the health and environmental issues that have manifested due to their applications have daunted them in numerous ways.   Undeniably, modern home appliances have improved the quality of life but the increasing reliance on such appliances has made us a slave of the advancing technology. Reduced utilization of manual labour is substituted by simultaneous spurge in the home appliances and has made humans lethargic.

Several hazardous impacts of some home appliances have deteriorated the environment and their surroundings. The key to run these appliances, in most cases, is electricity. With an increasing number of inventions adding onto the home appliances and their application at a wider scale, energy is drawn at a pace much faster than its renewal and most of the energy drawn is an exhaustible resource. Increasing dependence on such appliances has triggered the depletion of energy resources. To meet the supply of these appliances to the demand to cater to the wants of the humans, a large number of trees are cut down to serve as the raw material for these appliances. The production and processing of these appliances release wastes that are disposed of resulting in air pollution owing to emission of hazardous fumes containing huge amounts of carbon dioxide, creating the greenhouse effect that further has contributed to the depletion of the ozone layer. This has triggered global warming and played a role in contributing to climate change.  Furthermore, the water pollution that is caused by the untreated waste is disposed of in the water bodies and has adversely affected sea life and acts as an environmental violation.

Degrading impacts of these appliances, like microwave radiations or the CFCs from the air conditioners, on the abiotic and biotic components have gradually led to its destruction. In the bigger picture, this, therefore, ironically, defeats the purpose for which they were invented.

The unabashed and uncontrolled use of these rapidly evolving appliances calls for sustainable usage of home appliances; such that their benefits do not retrogress rather assist to lower the environmental damage. This way the evolution of different sorts of home appliances will turn to be a boon to mankind.

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