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Farewell, seniors

Shrijita Som | August 26th, 2019 . 5:35 pm






About the seniors 

Have you heard of the type of relationships that starts with hesitation or dislike but tends to turn-out to be one of the best of relationships later on? One of the real-life examples of this kind of relatives must be seniors.

In the early days of my college life, as I still remember, we were eager to avoid the seniors anyhow. There was the ‘intro’ sessions going now and then whenever no teachers were available in the class. Although I used to enjoy my classmates sing amazing songs or cook biryani in the thin air and even practice cycling using a “T-scale”, an unknown fear and embarrassment choked me whenever I was called on the stage.

The first two months passed by and after the “Fresher’s party” the scenario changed drastically. The seniors, of whom we were scared the most, started to behave friendly with us. We used to plead our teachers to continue the lectures a few minutes more to avoid the seniors previously, but suddenly the same seniors became the guide to tell us how to deal with boring lectures and nasty long assignments. They were the ones to make these shy and uneasy people, still having the mindset of a ‘school-student’, feel confident enough to unleash their spirits and dominate the college with their talents. They even organized numerous free workshops on various subjects like photography, video editing, robotics, web development and taught us earnestly.

Seniors are the one perk of the college life that is probably never emphasized enough in literature and movies. Just like nobody told us about the heart-break we have to deal with to bid them adieu.

The ones we looked up to and sought help, for one or two whole years, were being graduated. Talented and brilliant as they were, we were proud to call ourselves their juniors. A part of us was wishing them a happy future and outshining carrier ahead, and another part wanted to do anything to keep them with us till we graduate ourselves.

Semester exams were just a month away, but it was the departmental farewell ceremony named “Cheerio” after all! It was feeling like lunches were being too short those days and the classes were being stretched a bit too long. We had so many plans to fulfill! The theme of Cheerio 2k19 was “The End Sem”. The decor team left no place in the ceremony hall without their touch of craftiness and the members of the management team did their very best to make this a huge success. Not to forget the cultural team members who practiced vigorously to give the fourth-years a blast on their last fest in college life.

On the day of “Cheerio”-

Gradually, the D-day came. We were all checking for the umpteenth time whether we missed something or not. The seniors already looked like fine corporate adults in their formal suits and sarees. The performances from our end looked more gorgeous than ever. After all, we had to do so good that they don’t forget our performances along with us for years to come.

Then it was the teachers’ turn to say something about their soon-to-be-ex students. They greeted the seniors as having the most impact on us just like we had enlisted their names by the titles “The king behind the curtains”, “Mr. Cool”, “Ms. Responsible”, “Mr. Shutterbug”, “Ms. Melody”, “Mr. and Ms. All Rounder”, “Hulk of Ece”, “Beat-king” and so on. Then it was the seniors’ chance to outshine. Talented and practiced like professionals, they just rocked with their bands, dancing, beatboxing, and singing.

At the very end, we gave each of them a handmade graduation cap and called it the end of the day.

Soaked in the rays of the setting sun, sudden loud outbursts of laughter here and there, it was time to come back home. We had the semester exams to prepare for, whole new college years to enjoy and pocket full of memories to support us. We could not help but ask the seniors to keep in touch, visit our alumni-meets every year and took one last group photo.

But life goes on-

Likely most of them would be too busy in their lives to contact us now and then, some of them would not return to the college for years to pursue their carrier. A new rush of talented juniors might not let us miss them as much anymore.

But the truth that they were here, would not change. The fact that they guided us to who we are today and their teachings will be the same forever.

Only the handmade cards and graduation caps will have something to remind them about the brightest years of our lives.

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