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Festivals Of IET Lucknow

Nitin Srivastava | September 21st, 2019 . 12:39 pm






Irrespective of your college, college festivals are the most happening days in the span of college life. Those 3-4 days with a plethora of events, loads of opportunities are the most awaited days for any college student. Doesn’t matter if you are a member of any club or not, college fests have something for everyone. Every college has its cultural festival, sports festival, and technical festival, and like any other college, IET also organizes its own festivals annually. “Encore” (cultural festival), “Parakram” (technical festival) and “Shauryotsava” (sports festival) are the main festivals of IET. We will look upon every festival of IET in detail.

Encore (The Cultural Festival)

Encore is the annual cultural festival of IET Lucknow. The 4 days long fest brings lots of opportunities for newbies and exposure of competitions to them. The clubs of IET plays the main role in making the festival successful by working together. Kalakriti (fine arts club) decorates the campus, fractal (coding clubs) designs the website of the festival, mirage (photography club) covers the full festival, excelsior (literary club) writes the speech, content, and articles. While the music, dance, and dramatics club prepare their performances with full dedication and are the main attraction during the fest.

Events like singing competition (Sur-Sangram for Indian music and Grazioso for western music), dance competition (feet of fire), sketching competition, poetry competition, literary competition, etc are the stage to showcase your talent and win some exciting prizes and medals. But wait, it’s not over yet. The most exciting events are yet to be mentioned. You guessed it right, it’s the informal events and star nights. Encore has many informal events like treasure-hunt, blind date, paintball, quizzes, dart games, etc. Every day of encore ends with a performance of a famous personality, like a standup comedian, singer, poet, etc. But the most beautiful part of the fest is kept safely for the end. It’s the EDM night. Encore ends with breathtaking beats of the DJ giving you lots of memories.

Encore witnesses footfalls from all the colleges of AKTU and has a great craze among students. The band-wars is also a much-awaited event in the list. IET’s band nemesis is popularly known for its rock and metal music and is the winner of AKTU zonal events. Overall it is a great experience to be the part of encore and get 4 days long break from those hectic and routine college days.

Parakram (The Technical Festival)

IET’s technical festival with events that require skills and knowledge to participate and win. It takes a long time to master those skills but once done, no one can stop you to excel. Generally, people are not much excited about the technical festivals, thinking that it is only for those who are good at coding and have an interest in robotics. But it is much more than that. But as said, the fest has something for everyone. There are quizzes on numerous topics like current affairs, history, Information Technology, General knowledge, etc. Events like googler which tests your googling skills are open for everyone. Robo-soccer is a unique event that has robots playing football, and a goalie robot trying to protect the net. Pool stage, knockout stage and the final. Thrill and fun go on increasing. It is a great experience to watch Robo-soccer matches but it is also a very pressurizing moment for the controller of the robot. The rivalry between teams is not less than between two football clubs. The atmosphere gets hotter because of sledging and team cheering. So it requires both mental and physical attention (nothing is as easy as it seems).

But wait, Parakram has more thrill left in it. Because, the soul event of every technical fest, the Robo-war is also there to fill you up with thrill. The anticipation around the Robo-war arena is commendable. Robots crushing each other in the arena, winning on the rule of survival of the fittest is a treat to watch. The crowd cheering for the teams, bots catching fire, Robo-war is a packet of the thrill as a whole. Coding ninja and hackathon are also organized for the coding geeks and it is also a great way to showcase your coding skills. But more importantly, it adds a gem to your resume and makes your candidature strong as a job applicant. Companies acknowledge those who have one of those types of coding competition certificate.

If you feel things are getting too formal and boring then wait, Parakram keeps this in mind too. Therefore it brings to you the evergreen informal to charge you up for bigger competitions. Also, some great technical personalities visit campus during the fest and create an opportunity for you to learn from their experiences. Overall, Parakram is also a great festival with lots of opportunities to strengthen up your resume.

Shauryotsava( The Sports Festival )

Most of us had a dream to become a sportsperson during childhood. But couldn’t live our dream because of parental or peer pressure. If you are one of them then it’s the opportunity to live your dreams. Shauryotsava brings you almost every sports game which is played in a decent college. From cricket, football, basketball, badminton to traditional games like kabaddi and kho-kho, shauryotsava has something for every

sportsperson. It is highly recommended to be the part of the college team and attend this festival which tests your stamina, determination, and composure in situations of pressure.

Shauryotsava witnesses footfalls from colleges not just under AKTU, but also from premium institutions like IIT-BHU and IIM Lucknow. The main fight among the colleges is to become the overall champion of Shauryotsava, that is, winning the most number of medals. Now Shauryotsava is going to be more exciting with new sports complex being constructed on college ground. Working with teams helps you in your overall life. It adds to your leadership skills if you are a captain of any team. Students practice hard in sweat and compete for the title. Being part of it is a great and unique experience.

So this was the overview of what to expect from college festivals as IETian. Hope you enjoyed reading. Best of luck for upcoming fests.

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