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First year in the department

Shrijita Som | February 19th, 2021 . 1:15 pm






Contrary to popular belief, college life is not about all butterflies and rainbows. It has dradlines, exam, stresses and what not. But students always manage to make fun of everything they find boring.

Starting of a new day

The stakes are high. It is 8 o’clock in the morning. You are waiting eagerly for the bus, half-eaten breakfast packed in your lunchbox. You check the unfinished lab-copy again and again. It feels like your watch is taunting you with each passing moment. The tension is increasing in the air. The stake is really high- your attendance.

Let’s skip the details of slow-moving bus, waiting in the traffic signal now and then, huge traffic at the stop just before your college and just when you started to walk up to the college premises, suddenly half the buses, cars and autos of the whole city passes through the road in front making you unable to cross the road. Finally, when you reach your destined floor, panting and exhausted, you can see the door of your classroom closed. You are late.

Classes and teachers

Maybe some merciful professor lets you in and your long hours of theory classes start. You hear your Maths teacher say, “I am very much superstitious”, the most difficult problems are solved on the board more difficultly as it will “make your life easy”. Some monotonous lectures make you half-asleep and other classes seem to be too short as inspiration and new ideas and questions start to spark in your head. Some teachers can tell you have forgotten the homework just by entering that class, while some can point students out in the sixth period who had not attended the first class that day. Forget about the bell, classes end only when that teacher of the next period wait outside the door. And in the midst of all of these, you have to hurry and finish the last minute assignment or lab-copy that you got a day before. When the theory classes are over, you rush to the laboratories.

We had seen one of the seniors- the best in circuitry in his batch walk into the Analog lab and say, “This is a lab where I burnt two MOSFETs in a single day.”

Especially in the first two years, we all have days when we forget all the instructions efficiently, short-circuit the circuit unknowingly and confidently show off our illogical circuits. And that is how we all learn and grow.

Daily club activities-

After the lab, we have our club activities. Freshers’ party and magazine release in the odd sem and all the fests in the even sem and arrangement of sponsorships throughout the year-our club activities never stop. Even if it does, most of us always have an injured or disobedient “bot” to take care of. There is also the playground and table tennis room to lure us out of the class.

College life is never like how movies and stories portray. With exams and assignments, that terror of the deadline gets real. All the punishments, suspensions and threat of parent-teacher meeting now and then makes all of it too hectic.

But you know why it is the best time of our life? The friends and roommates who can make fun of the deadliest of situations, the chances to pursue and showcase our hobbies, teachers explaining the apparent miracle in a simple scientific manner; stand-up comedies, mimicries, and another unrefined chorus songs during off periods and the occasional outing with friends.

View From Classroom

Final thought

Problems and competitions are there- always. But you have a trusting friend-circle and seniors and teachers as guides right beside you. You can feel it is okay to make mistakes, to be a bit slow as long as you give your best. That is why even after all that tight schedules and all, after going through the first year in our department, it is sad to know there are only a couple of years more left to our college life.

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