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Five Ways You Might Be Worsening Your Period Pains

Chandni Asnani | February 19th, 2021 . 11:41 am






Did you know that an average woman spends approximately 3,500 days menstruating during her entire lifetime!

Now, that’s a lot of tough days, isn’t it? Add to it PMS and Period Cramps, and congratulations, you’ve unlocked a whole new level of torture!

Jokes apart, all women experience pre-menstrual symptoms before their period. Some of them include bloating, clumsiness, exhaustion, headaches, irritation, lack of concentration, mood-swings etc. One of the major symptoms is Cramps. Period cramps are the sudden aches and discomforting sensations caused in your lower back, belly and thigh regions, generally 1-2 days prior to your period. They are very normal. Almost 70% of menstruating women experience them.

Cramps are a natural process- they are healthy signs. Most girls and women take the help of painkillers to lessen these aches. It is a temporary solution with lots of side effects. Frequent intake of painkillers is infact, weakening your immune system. And your lifestyle and eating habits add up to this already blazing fire! Unknowingly, you yourself might be the reason behind your worsening period pains. Don’t believe me? I’ll tell you how.

  • Lack of Sleep

Working late in the nights and getting up early for work has become an inevitable part of our lives today. But during your period, it is extremely important to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation causes stress, due to which the hormone ‘cortisol’ is released in excess. It creates a hormonal imbalance and results in more painful cramps. So, just breathe, keep calm and go get some sweet sleep!

  • Alcohol and Cold-drinks

I know the pain is killing you, and a drink would be just the thing to get you going right now, but you know what? You’ll just make it worse. Alcohol makes you retain water and get bloated. Bloating can cause even worse inflammations. Also, you’re already aware how hangovers cause a hell lot of pain. Combine that with the cramping and yay! You have a complete package of torture.

  • Caffeine

Sure, girl. You worship coffee! What better way to start your morning than with a hot cup of coffee? I get it. But just hear me out. COFFEE IS THE DEVIL! Caffeine makes blood vessels constrict, and reduces blood flow to the uterus. You need to totally avoid that. Cut down on the caffeine and switch to green tea. It will keep you refreshed and also help you with the cramps.

  • Food habits

 Sweet Food:

I know you’re extremely irritated by these stupid cramps that just won’t stop and you’re craving for a piece of chocolate to feel better again, but noooo! Stop right there, my lady! Sugar is inflammatory, it can instantly raise your cramping to a whole new level! Say no to ice-cream, cheese, chocolates etc. Though Dark chocolate won’t hurt, a safer option would be having dates or figs instead of other sweeteners. They keep your blood-sugar levels in check, and are also very healthy.

Salty Food:

Salty and spicy foods contain a high amount of sodium. They increase bloating and make your body retain water. This gives rise to lots of discomfort. So, the point is, say no to chips, french-fries, and all kinds of salty snacks that you love munching on!

Fatty Food:

Fatty foods like meat, are high in saturated fats which cause the uterus to contract. This leads to cramping, bloating, breast pain etc. So, you must stay miles away from packaged foods like burgers, fries, desserts. They contain trans-fats and cause inflammation in the body, which certainly intensify period pains.

  • Tight-fitting Bras:

Breast pain is very common prior to or during your menstrual cycle. It occurs due to hormonal fluctuations. If you’re experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort in the breasts, you might be wearing a tight-fitting bra. To ease this pain, you must switch to a supportive and well-fitting bra, which necessarily provides you the maximum support and minimum movement. A Sports Bra would be the perfect choice.

So, these were the things that you ‘Shouldn’t Do’ during or prior to your periods. Now, about the things that you ‘Should Do’ to fight back against period pains, check these out:

  • Take a hot water bath.
  • Get a back and stomach massage with scented oils to comfort your muscles.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes.
  • Do light yoga/exercise a few days prior to your period.
  • For non-vegetarians, chicken and fish would be great.
  • Drink lots of water. Warm water would be good for relaxing cramped muscles.
  • Eat water-based fruits like watermelon, strawberries, cucumber etc.
  • Eat green leafy vegetables- they help to recover the iron lost by the body during period flow.
  • Have dry fruits like walnuts and almonds- they are rich in manganese, which soothes cramps.


Innovation- Period Pain Roll-On

Sanfe‘, an IIT-Delhi aided startup has launched a very accessible and valuable product for women. It is called the Period Pain Roll-On, that relieves period cramps and mood-swings.

Archit Agarwal and Harry Sehrawat, B.Tech 3rd year students at IIT-Delhi, (and co-founders of ‘Sanfe’) have developed this amazing product! It is an oil-based roll-on that is available in 10ml bottles for a single use. You should definitely give it a try!

So, throw those painkillers away and just try these natural remedies that won’t harm your body. Don’t worsen your period cramps. Eat healthy, stay happy!
I hope the above suggestions might help you remain tough during those rough days.

See you, ladies! Have a happy period!

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