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How to Develop Self-Esteem in Teenagers

Chandni Asnani | August 5th, 2019 . 1:14 am






Affirming words from moms and dads are like light switches. Speak a word of affirmation at the right moment in a child’s life and it’s like lighting up a whole room full of possibilities.

-Gary Smalley

Teenage is a very fragile age. It’s a phase where kids are unsure of everything around them. They tend to get easily influenced by their surroundings. As a parent, you must guide your child and show him what’s good and what’s bad. You need to cultivate love and trust and teach your child to be more confident to lead a successful and healthy life. Here’s how to boost up the self-esteem of your growing teenager.

Power of Affirmation

A simple ‘I believe in you’ can create wonders in your child’s performance. Be their pillar of support when they’re stuck up in a bad situation. Assure them that whatever they are doing is good, and if they fail, you are there to back them up! Even when you know they are bound to fail, don’t ever pull them back. We learn from experiences. Let them have their own. Trust them. Watch them fall and get back up on their own! Kids learn from your behaviour, so spread positive vibes.

Encouragement and Appreciation

Sometimes when teenagers face failures, they get extremely dejected and start doubting their abilities. As a parent, you need to pat their back and appreciate them for their efforts. Teach them that it isn’t always about winning, our failures teach us a lot more than our successes do.

Patience and Communication

If you want to see positive changes in your child, you need to have patience with them. You don’t get results in a day or two. Sometimes it takes years, so keep the faith. Don’t be overly possessive about your child either. Give them privacy and space.

Communication is important. Talk to them with love and compassion. Let them know that failures will keep coming, they can’t get defeated. They must get back up and get going.

Responsibility and Courage

The feeling of being responsible boosts up self-esteem in kids. Assign them random tasks at times and give them a free hand at completing those tasks by themselves. Instil courage and fearlessness in them. Fear is nothing but a state of mind. Let them take risks and get over their fears.

Maintaining a Good Posture

The posture of our body directly affects our psychology. The one with sunken shoulders and a bent head is most likely to be less confident about himself. While the one with a head held high and straight shoulders is said to be surer of himself. Correct your child’s posture whenever possible.

Kindness is the Key

Teach them to be compassionate to their friends, teachers and even strangers. Kindness always reaps kindness. Teach them to help people in need. Developing positive vibes will definitely raise their bar of self-esteem.

Participation and Interaction

Always motivate your child to actively participate in extra-curricular activities. Be it sports, debates, quizzes, dancing, sketching or anything else, let them try it out and identify what they are best at. Take them to social gatherings to meet new people and interact with them. It will not only enhance their personality but also help in their overall growth as an individual.

Teenage is a shaping phase for your kid. At this point, you can mould them into healthy individuals. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity. Show love and trust- build a strong and healthy bond with them. Just extend your hand towards them, take the first step and see how positive changes follow.
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