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Induction Program at Acropolis Institute, Indore

Chandni Asnani | February 19th, 2021 . 1:11 pm






Hello, dear readers! I am back with a lot of experiences that I would never forget. You know, certain times provide you a different approach in life, moments which open up new horizons for you. This was exactly that kind of experience for me. It was not just enjoyable but it inspired me to think differently too! It gave me a glimpse of what all adventures await me if I just find enough courage to climb out of my comfort zone.

This day was SUPER-FUN. It was the most exciting event I had ever been to! (Havent been to a lot of them, though). So Saturday, 27th August 2016 was THE DAY. The day every senior and Junior was looking forward to. I am talking about the Break the Ice Induction program at our college, Acropolis Institute, Indore.

It was an event organized by the seniors to welcome us juniors, and to introduce us to the various groups and clubs at the college like Srijan, Young Indians, LitMus (Literature and Music) Club. This event was named Break the Ice which was very apt because the ice did break in the end. The sole motive of this event was to break the ice between the juniors and seniors and get the interaction flowing between both the groups. I am really happy that this event turned out to be a grand success.

So, the program began with a lot of excitement. I was especially waiting for something to blog about. This is my little secret, guys. I just attend events to write blogs about them later. And yay! It was all worth it. The one thing that attracted me the most about the event was the anchoring part. How I loved the anchors’ confidence and elegance. They did a great job. It was seriously laudable. I think the success of any event depends mostly upon the anchors. They add life and colour to the program!

The seniors had lots and lots of activities planned for us, and it began with a hilarious one. They wanted all of us to recite the MEOW TABLE. Yes people, have you heard about it ever before? Sounds weird, right? Don’t worry, Ill clear it for you all. Just like One ones are One and Two twos are Two’. Similarly, ‘Meow ones are Meow and Meow twos are Meow Meow! that kind of thing! Its crazy? I know, right. They made a video of all hundreds of us juniors doing that weird thing, hoping to break the records with this Meow Table Video. Haha! I hope it went viral!

Then next, Career Development Cell Director Mr. Atul Bharat was invited to speak to us. He is the most inspiring personality I have come across. Every time I have heard him, he has left an imprint on my mind. He makes people think out of the box.

He said that one should never say NO to any opportunity that comes his/her way. He encouraged all of us to participate in the program, to feel free and to do whatever our heart says. He further quoted, The more the soul is left free, the more it rises above. This quote indeed has a deep meaning to it. It was great interacting with him.

Moving on, we met an Entrepreneur, Mr. Yash Bargale, the founder of FYI Maggi and Chai Bar, Indore. He shared his story of success with us- how he had once thought of starting up his own business and how he finally managed to make it profitable and successful. Entrepreneurship is something that fascinates me.

Now we come to the FUN part of the program. So, what the mentors did was, they had arranged lots of props ranging from wind-spinners, swords, smiley stickers, badges, eye patches, damru, moustaches, birthday caps, Hanuman Rakhis, garlands and crazy stuff like that. While the program proceeded, they randomly distributed all these props in the audience.

Then the students with the same props were divided into teams and assigned some hilarious activities which included dance performances, product ads, essay writing, etc. They added some nonsensical twists to it too. Very skillfully they managed to bring the hidden child out of us juniors! It was super-duper fun. The energy was infectious. The way the audience went wild, the enthusiasm, the ambiance. I loved it totally! Have a look at it yourself.

Next was a beautiful musical performance. The music was so enchanting, so melodious! Yes, our college does have some seriously amazing singers. But what I loved the most was when Doraemon took over the stage. He has always been my absolute favourite, oh my God! He looked so adorable. We also had a Jive with him where the crowd danced together on the tunes of Malhari from Bajirao Mastani. It was energizing!

The program wrapped up with a pledge- a pledge to promote Entrepreneurship, to promote new start-ups and to encourage more and more people towards it. Lastly, we had to write our expectations from the clubs (E-Cell, Young Indians, LitMus) on the ‘Wall of Dreams’. I wrote there, “With LitMus, I wish to improve my literacy and communication skills and to become a more confident and positive person.”

Cheers to the efforts of the Mentors, the Faculty members, and all others who worked to make this event a huge success. This wouldnt have been possible without their efforts. A special thanks to Divyanjali Di, (our mentor) for helping and encouraging us throughout. I have learnt a lot from her. And cheers to the kind of positive energy our crowd had. Overall, I enjoyed the event and look forward to more such interesting ones.

Talking about myself, I got to learn a lot from this experience. I learnt that we need to walk out of our comfort zone to do the impossible; life is short and we should enjoy every moment. I learnt that we can do whatever we feel like and nothing is impossible, all we need is to be confident. I learnt that great things are always achieved through great efforts. This event taught me lessons that I would remember for life. It was a beautiful, adventurous and enlightening experience. A big thanks to all the seniors for organizing such a fun-filled program and putting up a big smile on all our faces!

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