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Move beyond ragging! A new facet to the relationship between seniors and juniors

Srijan Gupta | August 26th, 2019 . 5:43 pm






Account of a sophomore who tries to develop a robust rapport with his juniors, gets criticised and yet succeeds.

To every beginning, there’s an end.

And this one was truly sentimental for them. For the lovable juniors and their senior, Ayan; it was Ayan’s last night in the hostel in which they had all lived together for the past one year. They had encircled him and demanded to tell his experience. As he always gave in to their requests, Ayan began the narration.

‘Being a fresher is not easy, but being a sophomore is all the more tough. I’ve been on both sides obviously, and so I know what both the roles offer us. When a child steps out for the first time from home, away from his parents for higher education, no matter how strong, everyone breaks down in the very first phase. I was also missing my home initially. The adjustment was difficult for me and so I wanted it to be simple for you all. Being more experienced, I just aimed to make it smoother.’

The group took a snacks’ break and Ayan sat thinking. An entire year flashed by in front of his eyes. The first introduction with the fresher’s, motivating them to join the clubs in college, the first onstage performance with them, being lifted up by them, the pranks in the fresher’s party, the night outs, the party nights and what not.

He remembered that it was Ritik from first year who approached Ayan and his roommate, Akshit for some information about the clubs that functioned in college. This marked their first acquaintance. As Akshit used to go to his home over the weekends, Ayan was left all by himself. Later, Ayan arranged entry passes for the live performance of a renowned stand-up comedian in a nearby college for all his juniors. The squad had fun and thanked Ayan for the support.

Their college’s annual techno-cultural fest was announced. By luck, Ayan and all his juniors were in the same committee. This meant more meetings and increased interactions. One day, the most innocent of all the newcomers, Percy, opened his heart to Ayan, telling all about him falling in love and the heartbreak following it. After this, they formed a bond of sharing and caring and Percy began regarding Ayan as his elder brother.

Around the same time, Rahul had his birthday and Ayan was warmly invited at his party. The latter was overwhelmed and took special time out to be present. The drunk night brought them all closer. In the dry sky of Ayan’s life, the juniors became little clouds of happiness.

Soon, they all used to share their problems with him hoping to get a solution. Ayan took them out for shopping, taught them for exams and treated them when they fell ill. The fest of their college finally happened and became a feeling that was going to live in their hearts forever.

But, during the events, Percy wasn’t able to make to the event which Ayan was coordinating. This deception hurt the celebrated senior and then came a wave of depression through his life again. Always being the fulcrum and getting betrayed, he felt hopeless again. Moreover, amongst his classmates, he became a topic of gossip as to be held responsible for hanging out unnecessarily with the juniors. All the students of second year believed that Ayan’s pampering would spoil the juniors and will make them fall wayward. All of them questioned that what the relationship was called.

Then, there came an oasis in the desert. A guitarist from the first year, Arya came into the scene. He was always ears to listen to what Ayan had to say and very soon developed a robust rapport with him. They spent around a month together, watching movies, listening songs and sharing their hearts out. Towards the end of Ayan’s stay in the hostel, Arya failed in a core subject. Ayan had a sleepless night then. But, the very next day he got him passed by getting into a heated argument with the teacher. Arya was speechless at this.

Ayan wasn’t wrong; he just had a different perspective. The age-old beliefs like ragging and exploitation of freshers need to be eradicated. Ayan never found a good reason against being there for his little brothers and spread love in whichever way possible. Being castigated most of the times, he had learnt to rise above criticisms.

‘What’s up, bhaiya? Tell more na.’ They all gathered around him again.

‘You know the rest, Kids.’ Ayan embraced all of them and came back to his room.

‘Dear junior, thank you for a great time. The memories built together will always be cherished.

Love always


He texted all of them and lay in his bed with a serene satisfaction and pondered over this beautiful relationship.

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