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Peace out, haters!- An account of campus politics

Srijan Gupta | August 26th, 2019 . 5:45 pm






An account of a boy getting deceived by his mates due to the unevitable politics that they fall into.

It is believed that relationships are very complicated, including friendships. It doesn’t matter when it’s the friends who complete our world but what happens when this world comes to an end? One may build up castles of friendship but it kills to fall down while sleepwalking on the dizzy parapets of the make-believe world.

Aditya had everything. Smart attitude, hardworking nature and a circle of friends, or rather brothers, to whom he could sum up the beginning of his college life. Living on the same floor in hostel had brought all of them quite close, so much so that they all shared their phones’ passwords with each other, taught each another during exams, treated the one who fell ill with care and what not. It was all going perfect till imperfections arose.

The elections for the Class Representative (CR) were announced in their college. Having keenly witnessed the flaws of the system, Aditya decided to stand up as a candidate with full determination and the urge to bring in change. He and his buddies have already been victims of unfair awarding of internal marks which had caused havoc in their grade sheets. He was quite confident that at least his own group would support him, that he had their back.

It’s easier expected than fulfilled. As the circumstances unfolded, Aditya was welcomed into a new game of politics. Aditya already had his image as a sincere and teachers’ pet, so a group of students who would generally be spotted in all the nefarious activities chose a candidate of their own. The filth began spreading now. They tried to brainwash Aditya’s confidantes and turned them into their favour.

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, the lifetime-promising friends planned an escape for themselves. They sought to pretend that they would support Aditya but were cooking something different elsewhere. Neither they had courage to tell Aditya on his face of their disapproval of him as the CR of the class, nor could they support him because everyone dreaded that Aditya coming into power would mean no cancellation of tests and assignments and no truancy of classes. Everyone was well aware that Aditya would never go against the principles and values inculcated into him by his parents’ upbringing.

Aditya was happy and contented that whatever might happen, he had his friends beside him and with them he could conquer worlds, these were just minor elections.

The day of the elections proved to be the D-day. Aditya’s all hopes came thrashing down when the results were out. He got only three votes, one of which was his own. Earth seemed to slip beneath his feet. He couldn’t see anything clearly. He had been deceived. Though he knew that he wasn’t going to be mass supported but treachery by his own brothers was something he hadn’t imagined in his worst dreams.

Broken, he rushed towards the hostel and then straight to his room. He locked the door from inside and lay in his bed, with his head buried deep in the pillow and sobbing ferociously. For once, he had no fear about what people were going to think or sadistically talk about him and his wish to bring the reform. He didn’t care about other people but the ones he cared about had cheated him. So, there wasn’t any point in wasting his energies wallowing in the magmire of deception. He stood up, wiped his eyes and called his parents.

“I’ve lost the elections but won the battle.” He said and disconnected the call. He knew that he oughtn’t to stop there. He had miles to go. This was a lesson which was going to remain with him throughout his life. He won’t stop loving people but would rather be a little more cautious then on. He felt a driving force inside him. He felt a motivation to show the world that he hadn’t actually lost. The loss was for the people who had lost him forever. The words of Ruskin Bond echoed in his mind,

“That man is the strongest, who stands… alone.”

went into the balcony of his room and shouted with full force, “Peace out, haters!!!”

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