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Re-visioning Miracles of Fatima

THAMARAI YAZHINI T | August 26th, 2019 . 5:45 pm






College life is a dream for every individual. Here, I share my blissful occasions cherished at Fatima College.

Time is momentary but every moment in Fatima deserves to be cherished. Yes! This is nil exaggeration but the experience relished by a true Fatimite for the past three years in the holy campus of learning. Right from the inaugural function till the convocation, every Fatimite is taken utmost care by the faculties and missionaries of this institution.

Prayer relieves from worries, here at Fatima Prayer does wonders. Every morning dawns with a devotional song followed by a meaningful prayer. The sense of social work and empathy is instilled in the minds of every student when spelling out the morning college prayer. Likewise, the day ends with a silent prayer which instils the sense of gratitude in us.

Education grades human but discipline outshines them. Discipline is the prime jewel of Fatima, which stays secured and polished under the guidance of the faculties and management. Beginning from the parking of the two wheelers to the confined modest dress code, the discipline is endless within the walls of Fatima. Though it caters strict dress code, it is for the goodness for us. After being a Fatimite for three years, it has become my habitual attire to pin my shawls which though trolled by others, gives me the feel of being secured. Fatima is like a caring womb which safeguards the daughters.

Fatima not only limits from educating its students but shapes them with outstanding extra-curricular activities and skills. The enthusiasm of the teachers reverberates and echoes in the campus which indeed stimulates the students and taps their hidden talents. May it be educational competitions or noneducational competitions, the teachers encourage the participation of students and also guides them to the success. The limitless support extended by the teachers awakens the students which make them win laurels. The annual account of the college reflects the same. The fatimites not only compete in the regional level competitions but stand as a strong competitor all around the country.

I would strongly determine that everything is possible if you are fatimite, noted if you follow its guidance. The FINE ARTS, the annual intracollegiate cultural meet builds the team spirit and nurtures the inborn talents and potential in us.

Apart from the cultural, the departmental competitions groom the students in their respective fields. To be particular, the EXPLORIA provides us a platform to develop our skills in research. To be personal, I entered Fatima with no hopes but these three years groomed me into a good Human being and has given me an identity in the national level. I have presented four papers at EXPLORIA and five

papers in various intercollegiate in this span of three years. The guides take utmost care in each and every activity, ranging from the selection of the title, the methodology till the presentation.  I am not sure whether I am a good captain but I assure that I am a good team player, as a team, I have won more than 15 competitions. The college gave me an opportunity to widen my skills and allowed me to participate in the Indian Students Parliament at Pune and National Students parliament at Kerala, there again the lesson learnt at Fatima helped me to be selected as Student Speaker along with 13 students from pan India winning over 2000 students. The regular visits to the blind school did miracles in me, which made me feel blessed and unlocked the sense of charity and humanity in me.

I owe all my credentials to Fatima college, which sculpted me into a good student and groomed me into a good human.

Not all stones are diamonds


Not all students are academicians

Not all students are rich

But every Fatimite is HUMANE!

And Every fatimite is DISCIPLINED!

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