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Season Appliances – types, properties, pros, cons and other details

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Season changes with months and your needs too. As your needs change, your daily usage things changes and types of home appliances also changes. For your convenience, we have listed some season appliances here with their technical functionalities as well. Most of the countries have summers and winter seasons in common. We will discuss keeping seasons in the main context.  

Summer Appliances ( AC, Cooler, refrigerator) 

Air conditioners (AC) 

ACs are the most demanded appliances of the summer season. the Demand of ACs goes high with temperature. There are mainly three types of air conditioners. 

1. Window AC:-

It has two units. One which om and other which t throws cool air in the rohrows hot air of compressor gas out. It is mounted on the window and acquires zero ground space but needs ample space outside the window for proper ventilation as it has heat throwing unit at its back. 

2. Split AC:- 


If you are short on windows and space in your rooms then switch to split AC. It has a heat throwing and cooling unit split into two parts. But split AC is more expensive than a window AC. They are mounted on walls and its heat throwing unit needs to be mounted on the terrace or other open areas. 

3. Portable AC:- 

They have tires below them to make them movable and portable. If you are not sure how much longer you are going to live in a particular house then portable ACs may be a good choice for you. But they use maximum ground space and are not efficient in comparison to the window or split ACs. 

Things to keep in mind while buying ACs. 

The Material of coil:- 

  As the coil is the main part of the cooling mechanism of AC, it’s important that the coil should be strong and durable. Generally, there are two types of coils used in ACs. 

1. Copper coils:-  

Copper is more expensive than aluminum but more durable, easy to repair and long-lasting. So air conditioners with copper coils are more efficient than aluminum. 

2. Aluminum Coils:- 

Companies use aluminum coils as a substitute for copper, to bring the price down and make it affordable. But it needs more maintenance and care. 

Cooling capacity:-  

The Cooling capacity of ACs is measured in tons. It depends on the size of the room, number of people in the room and the number of appliances in the room.  


Look for five-star rating ACs as they are the most energy-efficient but expensive too. 


  1. Works well in humid conditions.  
  2. No need to add water daily.  


  1. Safety issues and need proper wiring and load for the prevention of short-circuiting. 
  2. High power consumption. 
  3. Need proper maintenance. 



If you are low on budget but not on space and muscles, then you can go for cooler. Cooler comes in different sizes, therefore you can buy according to the space available in your room. There are two types of coolers. 

Personal Air Cooler  

Uses blowers to cool small space. It is ideal for a single person or a small room as they are economic and less expensive. 

Desert Air Cooler  

Uses huge fans to cool large rooms. They are more expensive than personal air coolers. 

Things to keep in mind while buying coolers. 

1. Size:- 

This is the thing which matters most. The Size of the cooler will decide the storage capacity of the water tank, its price and space it is going to occupy. 

2. Motor:- 

This is the heart of the cooling mechanism of coolers. So look for a cooler which has a warranty on its motor. As prices go down, it’s motor quality and its body material degrades. 


  1. Cost-effective. 
  2. Available in different sizes. 
  3. Less power consumption. 


  1. Won’t work well in humid conditions. 
  2. Requires daily water filling for cooling. 
  3. Needs ground space and proper ventilation. 



It is a must need home appliance available in almost every home. You need refrigerators if you want to quench your thirst on hot summer days. There are different types of refrigerators out there in different sizes. 

Types of refrigerators:- 

Things to keep in mind while buying refrigerators 


As usual, the size of the refrigerator will decide its storage capacity, cost and ground space occupied. A single door fridge is ideal for a single person or a small family. 

Energy consumption:- 

Check the number of stars mentioned on it. As already mentioned, five-star appliances are the most energy-efficient but expensive too. 


  1. Quenches our thirst with cold water  
  2. Can keep edible items fresh for a long time. 


  1. Compressor requires special attention. 
  2. Hardly moves from one place to another( not portable). 


Winter Appliances 


Used to get hot water to bathe in cold winters and prevents you from shivering. There are mainly two types of geysers.

a) Electric geyser

Uses electricity for heating water. A metal rod is made hot with electric current and thus water is heated. It is energy efficient and more considered. 

(b) Gas geyser

It uses a gas cylinder for heating water. It is less considered because it has safety issues and is less energy efficient as compared to electric heaters. 

Things to keep in mind while buying  

Storage capacity:- 

It will decide the cost, wall space occupied and how much water it can store. If you have a small family then 6 liters storage capacity is ideal.  

Energy efficiency:- 

Look for 5 stars if you are purchasing an electric geyser. Choose gas geyser if you are low on budget. 


  1. Storage water heaters give hot water instantly.  
  2. Gets connected directly to tap. 


  1. Gas geysers are dangerous. 
  2. Gas geysers release carbon monoxide. 
  3. High power consumption of electric geysers. 
  4. Electric geysers cannot be used in the absence of electricity while gas geysers can. 



Heaters are must need to beat cold breezes in winters and keep your body warm. There are three types of heaters. 

Infrared heaters:- 

It uses a metal wire method to heat the room. It heats small places and is ideal for a single person or small rooms. 

Fan heater:-

It has a ceramic coil that gets heated and heat is blown out in the room with a blower fan. They are good for heating a big room. 

Oil heaters:-

They are the best heaters, but expensive too. They can provide heat even if they are switched off. They heat the oil filled in them and uses the convection method to heat the room. 

Things to keep in mind while buying  


Fan heaters and oil-filled heaters are safe for children as well as old people. Infrared heaters have red-hot metal alloy which is not safe at all. 

Energy consumption:- 

Here also, look for five stars. 


  1.  You can control levels of heat in fan and oil heaters. 
  2. It Provides you warmth and heat in winters. No need for a bonfire. 


  1. Infrared heaters are not safe for small children. 
  2. High energy consumption.  
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