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Mousumi Ghosh | October 21st, 2019 . 5:35 pm






All of us want good health and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But today every one of us including students, men and women are entangled in a rat-race of life. We have to stay engaged in front of our computer or laptop screen with prolonged sitting. Thus we can’t take a lot of care of our health and preserve a healthy lifestyle. Here is a quick and easy guide to maintaining a healthier, happier and more prosperous lifestyle.

1. The age-old saying of your grandmother- Drinking lots of water & having more fruits and veges is the key:

The age-old saying of your grandmother- Drinking lots of water & having more fruits and veggies is the key:

Although every one of us knows the importance of water in our body, we sometimes ignore to drink adequate water daily. Almost 70% of our body is made of water. So, we need to drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water every day to fight dehydration and keep our organs active. We may take the help of the smartphone apps which helps us by reminding us to intake a glass of water every 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Vegetables that have leafy greens and juicy fruits are a perfect foundation to maintain a nutritious healthy body. They contain a huge amount of antioxidants and vitamins that boost our immunity system of the body and helps to stay disease-free. The World Health Organization recommends eating at least one fruit and a bowl of green veggies a day to fight cancer and heart diseases.

2. Avoid Prolonged Sitting while studying or at work:

Many of us are active in a job where we need to sit at desks in front of a computer or a conference table for several hours per day. But, the idea of sitting constantly for a long period is not at all healthy. It slows down the metabolism rate of our body, irregulates the blood pressure and blood sugar level, and breaks down body fat also. Thus we somehow need to avoid a sedentary lifestyle as much as we can to maintain a healthy life.

3. Importance of adequate sleep- Fight Insomnia:

Millions of us don’t take a proper 7 to 8 hours of good night’s sleep. Late-night studies or working in front of a laptop not only makes us tired but also this lack of sleep causes several hazards to our health. Reduced periods of sleeping can cause weight gain and obesity. Our body and internal organs get rejuvenated while we take proper sleep. Good sleep also helps us to concentrate, to have better memory, and to perform more productively in our day to day life. On the other hand, poor sleepers have more risk of heart attacks and strokes and certain other diseases. In order to fight insomnia, we need to cut down our laptops and smartphones from one hour before bedtime. We may read some books as this helps us to sleep sound and better.

4. Observe and self identify the health issues and areas need to be improved:

We need to stay more cautious and concerned about our health. It is much easier for us to self-identify the wrong things which are happening in our body. Then we can consult the doctors and have our issues and doubts get cleared. We need to talk to specialists regarding our health through every six months routine check-up if we come across several symptoms or concerns by ourselves. For that, it is necessary to learn more about health and observe any sudden or long changes properly.

5. Invest in a stress management plan:

In today’s world, every one of us gets stressed out now and often. Even children also get depressed nowadays. Chronic stress leads to depression, insomnia, and drastic changes in weight, loss of appetite and degradation of health. Thus it is important to invest in a stress management plan of our own and take control of our lives. There are five top stress management techniques.

  •  Forget the stressor for a while & try to stay positive.
  •    Exercise: get a quick walk at a park.
  •    Smile and laugh often.
  •   Talk to parents, a friend, or a guide.
  •    Meditate daily.

6. Learn how to change unhealthy lifestyle:

Changing unhealthy lifestyle all of a sudden is not at all easy. And we know taking junk foods, lacking sleep, not drinking enough water, smoking, etc. are all unhealthy habits. But if we truly want to get rid of all the unhealthy habits of our own, then we just need to follow some easy steps.

  • Self- identify the habits which you think are unhealthy.
  • Admit that you need to change them.
  • Be determined and stay stuck to your decision.
  • Choose some good habits to replace those bad ones.
  • Remove the things which tempt you towards the wrong lifestyle.
  • Perceive yourself changing toward betterment and be happy.
  • Take small steps and be patient.
  • Reward yourself a healthy gift when you complete any milestone towards better living.

7. Maintain Personal Hygiene:

Maintaining a daily routine of personal hygiene not only keeps us safe from a lot of infections and diseases but also helps us stay energized and happy. Proper grooming is an inevitable part of good health and a healthy lifestyle. There is a guide to the small steps need to be included in our daily routine.

  • Take a good bath regularly
  • Wash your hair to keep it sweat-free
  • Trim your nails to keep them dirt-free
  • Brush your teeth and floss
  • Wash your hands and sanitize before eating

8. Pause, Reflect and Plan simple rewards:

Excessive of anything is not good for our health. Not only we do need to be concerned about our unhealthy lifestyle but also we should not panic much about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We should build up the ability to get happy and feel content about ourselves. It is important to be happy from the core of our heart to be healthy physically and mentally. We need to pause and analyse our steps taken every day and also make sure that those indicate towards betterment. It is necessary to reflect and learn something new every day so that it keeps us optimistic and productive. We should believe in our potential and feel good about ourselves. When we can achieve something good or work hard, it is fine to plan some simple rewards for ourselves to keep us motivated. That rewards may be pampering, delighting, relaxing, motivating as well as encouraging.

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