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The best advice which you can get from your seniors is here!

Udisha Srivastav | February 19th, 2021 . 1:00 pm






It is true that college life can become a mess without our beloved seniors. When you forget to complete the assignments of your HOD, when you mess up with some student from other departments, when you are too afraid to take up some examination, or when you are completely blank about your future; who is one of the first few people you try to get in touch with? Indeed, your seniors! And there is a reason for it. First, your seniors have much more experience than you. Second, it is inherent in all of us to trust our seniors more than anyone. Third, they often treat us like we are their younger brother/sister and thus, we love them, believe them, and respect them for sure. Edukeeda brings some of the best advice that you can reply upon at the tap of your technology screens. “I would ask all my juniors to never miss an opportunity in college life. Participate in as many activities as you can, volunteer whenever possible, and compete to never let any challenge off your hands. All this would build up a completely different personality in you. Also, the way in which you can engage yourself in innumerable activities in college life, you can hardly do all of that post-college life. Thus, I would suggest my juniors to fetch as much milk as possible from your colleges and enjoy it to the most”, said Aditi Donaria, a student of Journalism department, Kamala Nehru College. “I would suggest all those people who are in college to enjoy their college lives to the most. It’s fun when you meet your college friends after years and you have innumerable memories to share. However, one must also remember that it is the peak time of their career and they shouldn’t compromise with it”, said Swati Khandelwal, alumni of Gargi College, Delhi University. Manisha Dubey, a student of Hindu College said, “I am in the third year of my college and I believe that one must learn to have different compartments in their lives. Things shouldn’t be intermingled with one another. Also, everything is important, from roaming around to night-outs, and from studying to hang-out with friends. So, do everything but keep a track of yourself too”. “College time is the perfect time to know more about yourself. Thus, one can easily decide about their career prospects at this time only. I can tell this out of my experience that students have enough time amid their college days to try their hands at several internships. They can find out their field of interest and lay the foundation stone of their future at the very right time”, said Sakshi Agarwal, a student of Gargi College. “It was our Farewell this year in 2019 itself. There is one thing that I would want to convey to my loveable juniors. What all of us realized on our last day in college and still do is that we should make our relationships ever-lasting. Things may go wrong at times, decisions may not always prove to be right, but one thing that should never be impacted are our relationships”, said Deergha Verma, alumni of Gargi College, Delhi University. Edukeeda hopes that these advices would help you to re-think the way in which you are heading on towards your college lives.
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