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The first year in Delhi University

Aryan Sharma | February 19th, 2021 . 1:38 pm






Hundreds of students are about to start their first year at Delhi University in just a few days. Feelings of anxiety, curiosity, nervousness, and excitement occupy their minds. They don’t know what the next phase of life holds for them. Well, pretty soon they are about to start the most exciting ride of their lives.

College life in DU is the best one can ask for. However, there’s just something different about the first year. The school student that you were, is still not out of you. You still feel resistant to skipping classes, going to parties, devoting yourself completely to your societies or spending hours in the canteen. However, little by little, you feel the change and adapt. However, if you feel stressed out about how things will pan out, here’s looking at some things that you will face and how you can effectively tackle all of these situations.


As college starts, you will face different kinds of people and some of them might intimidate you. The key to tackling this is being confident in your personality. All students in Delhi University are there because they deserve to be there and all of them are equal. If you are someone who dresses normally, don’t try to overdress because as you will soon find out, casual dressing is the norm in DU. Most of all, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The fear of making mistakes keeps us from trying new things and the first year of college is all about trying new things.


Delhi University has some of the best cultural societies in India. They provide you with a platform to channelize your creativity and test your limits. In the process, you end up finding out something new about yourself. However, it is advisable to join only one or two societies at the max. Especially, societies like Drama and Debating require a lot of your time and joining more than one might not be beneficial as you may end up spending your whole day in societies.


The biggest difference between school and college is that in college, the initiative is all yours. While in school, if you were not a good student or not a quick learner, the teacher would spoon-feed you to ensure you do well. Now, DU professors are a great source of knowledge with many of them authoring books. However, they won’t help you until you ask for it. If you ask questions, you can gain a river of knowledge out of their experience. If you don’t, you may find yourself lost in the shuffle.


Students have a lot of confusion in their first year because of the completely new experience. The best people to guide you out of the confusion are your seniors as they have been in your shoes just a year or two ago. Their advice will certainly make life easier for you. From personal experience, I can say that teachers help you know about other teachers and how to ask them questions, they help you in finding study material and even suggest good places to eat and hang out!


Studies are an essential part of college life as they are the backbone of your career. However, the most important function of college is to shape your personality. Just completing the routine of classes and going back home will not help you. Explore the city, do an internship or start a blog. In essence, just try and do something that helps you to break away from the monotonous routine nature of classes.

Certainly, everyone has their unique college experience and stories and no amount of advice is as good as real-life experience. However, keeping these basic things in mind will certainly go a long way in ensuring that you make fewer mistakes and enjoy college life to the fullest!

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