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Top Fitness Techniques Setting Trends in 2019

Mousumi Ghosh | July 31st, 2019 . 12:55 am






Need for Staying Fit for Preserving Health in Modern Day Lifestyle:

“Success begins with hard work. Happiness begins with good health.”-Dr. T.P, Chia

Health is the ultimate wealth indeed. There is nothing in our life that can be treated as more precious wealth than good health. It is the most valuable possession of human life. Good health is not only considered as having a healthy body but also being fit, sound and disease-free physically as well as mentally. Being happy and optimistic are also parts of being healthy. Having good health is a boon indeed. A person must be healthy at first to be able to enjoy his hard-earned wealth.

But in modern days, lifestyle has been way more complicated. People being in a rat-race to gain more materialistic wealth, often forget that good health and happiness in life are priceless and cannot be bought with money. Our great grandparents or our grandparents never faced the same health problems as we are facing now. The environment has changed a lot, so are our foods and lifestyles. So, now it is high time to be a little more concerned about our health. This way we can be happy, strong and cope with illness, stress and fight depression.

The Age-Old Best Format of Exercising at the Comfort of Home:

Exercising has always been a great way to maintain a healthy body. Exercising releases ‘Endorphins’ which flow around our body and make us happy. Getting some basic equipment of the gym for at-home workouts is a good idea. But these are not at all compulsory to get fit at home. Many free hand exercises are there which requires no equipment but proper determination and daily commitment. Only doing some freehand exercises can shorten one’s risk of cardiovascular disorders such as diabetes, heart-related problems, and stress. If someone does not have enough time or money to afford the gyms, they can also stay fit and healthy with the at-home exercises like Jumping ropes, Jogging in the lawn, Climbing the stairs instead of taking lifts, Swimming, Riding a bicycle, performing crunches, push-ups, Squats, etc.

Yoga as a medium of fitness:

Yoga is considered a great way of achieving physical and mental fitness since ancient days in India. Nowadays Yoga is also being considered as meditation, a spiritual practice to achieve peace of body and mind. Practicing Yoga can help us stay fit and active in many ways like the following.

  • Strengthens muscles
  • Maintains proper posture
  • Burns out calories
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves digestion
  • Maintains blood pressure
  • Keeps blood sugar in control
  • Increases blood flow in the body
  • Maintains ideal metabolism
  • Improves breathing and lung function
  • Helps fight insomnia and better sleep

“Exercising even for a minute, matters”:

Exercising for just 10 minutes a week can increase fitness and ensure the long life of a human being, according to a study published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine. So, it can be said that exercising even for a minute in a day, can have a meaningful impact on health. It is all about moving your body to do something that lets you burn some calories.

Even climbing stairs and riding a bicycle for a short amount of time can help us stay fit in an easy way and live a healthy life. Climbing stairs also help to reduce cardiac diseases. We need to make a schedule of working out and stay stick to it. Thus exercising a little every day can help us achieve the fittest body and the pink of health. Choosing something over nothing is always a great practice. We can always find a few minutes a day from our busy schedule and make it count. Short and speedy exercises can help in staying fit without going to the gym. It is now proven that a brief span of exercise may have an impact on our fitness.

Smart Tracking by Smart devices and Apps:

It is always necessary to measure and track the changes to know if the chosen form of workout is working or not. Science has improved a lot since the last few years. Tracking fitness has also become easy and effective with the help of modern wearable technologies like smartwatches, fitness trackers, heart monitors, fitness apps on smart-phones and many more.

Smartphones are available to each and everyone nowadays. So accessing fitness apps has become easier and can be completed at home, outside and also even traveling. People can achieve enormous ways and different information from the convenience of their devices sitting at the comfort of home. Thus fitness apps have become a trend in 2019.

The advent of Fitness-Studios: not only the contemporary gyms:

The introduction of fitness studios in the last few years has contributed more than contemporary gyms to motivate people to get fit. Fitness studios usually contain a huge collection of gyms. Yoga, dance classes, aerobics, kickboxing, kettlebell training, Pilates studios and many more varieties of healthy workout with fun.

These fitness studios are becoming more attractive to people as they offer much more than a gym class or morning jog at parks. Fitness studios include High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Powerlifting, martial arts, etc. Many forms of getting fit. People who love to dance can find a great way of staying fit in the fitness studios with the various dance classes like Zumba, belly dancing, salsa, ballet and many more. People get motivated a lot by attending these fitness studios as they get to do what they love and stay fit at the same time.

The motivation of Athleisure in Beauty:

The term ‘Athleisure Beauty’ is getting more popular nowadays. After the advent of sweat-proof skincare and makeup products, people are much more motivated to opt for fitness and beauty at the same time. As wearing high makeup on skin can close pores and make an obstacle to winning in beauty at the gyms, the new beauty products which are non-comedogenic have arrived. So, we can say these athleisure beauty products can set a trend and motivate lots of people to get sweat at the gyms happily.

Mental Fitness:

While we pay a lot more attention to physical fitness, mental health is something which often gets neglected. We need to know that emotional fitness is as well necessary to have a healthy and disease-free body. Physical fitness added to mental fitness can contribute together to the total fitness of our body and mind. There are several ways by following which we can stay mentally fit and sound.

  • Meditate daily
  • Read more and more books
  • Learn new skills
  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat the right food for healthy brain
  • Expect little
  • Laugh a lot
  • Take less stress
  • Be happy
  • Spend more time with kids
  • Spend a few times in nature
  • Train your brain
  • Play games like chess, crossword puzzles to build up brain muscles
  • Engage in memory exercising

Thus it can be concluded that new ways of getting fit physically as well as mentally are on the way of setting trends and motivating people towards good health in the coming days.

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