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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”– Helen Keller

Who does not love traveling? Every one of us has that desire to know the unknown, to see the unseen. This wanderlust makes us travel to the wonderlands of this world and compliments our soul with happiness. Travel trends are changing day by day and getting more inspiring day by day.

Introducing “BLEISURE Travel”:

It is the portmanteau of the two terms “Business” & “Leisure”. Bleisure Travel is trending nowadays a lot. It was first introduced in the year 2009 by The Future Laboratory in their journal edition. Bleisure Travel combines the travel with interests of business with leisure time. Travellers can pursue their business work and enjoy their leisure time simultaneously at the same time. This travel trend is getting popular more and more as it saves traveller’s money and time to some great extent. It lets people do their job and makes them feel it as more like a vacation and less like work.

Travel for experience: Solo Travel & its benefits:

Nowadays travelling solo is being more popular. Modern explorers are setting in alone towards their intended destinations. Solo travel helps to gain confidence and experience. Solo travel is all about exploring a place on your own. There are lots of positive strengths of solo travel.

  •     You enjoy your own company
  •     You become more confident
  •     It helps to meet new people
  •     Helps to step outside one’s comfort zone
  •     You can develop new skills and hobbies
  •     Helps to gain experience
  •     It improves one’s decision making skill

Trends of B&B s- Eco-Friendly Travel:

The trend of B&B s i.e. Beds and Breakfast travel is becoming more fun than a normal vacation at a hotel. In a hotel, travellers are generally treated like customers whereas, in beds & breakfast travel, tourists are treated as guests. In b&b travels, the complete lodging is given at rent to the tourists along with an offer of breakfast. These are more like a private family home where people can get a home-like experience, unlike professional hotels. With the popularity of B&B travels, the inns are also offering eco-friendly atmosphere. In this travel trend, more greens are included everywhere of the lodge. Thus people can enjoy their family get-together happily amidst nature. Thus B&B travels make hospitality and Eco-consciousness exceed simultaneously. There are some top eco-friendly destinations within India like,

  •     Vythiri Village, Wayanad in Kerala: India’s first artificial waterfall
  •     Spicy Village in Periyar
  •     Mountain Trail, Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand
  •     Orange Country, Kabini: wildlife at Mysore, Karnataka & many more.

Tech-Savvy Travel:-Travel ideas for technology lovers:

Technology has changed a lot since the past few years with the innovation of modern gadgets and artificial intelligence (AI). These modern tech gadgets have influenced travelling at a vast. Today’s tech-savvy travellers use cool gadgets to make their globe-trotting stress free. These travel gadgets have made travelling easier with better communication, entertainment, comfort, and convenience. Some of the best travel gadgets for tech-savvy travellers are,

  1.    Universal Power Bank
  2.    Wireless Charger
  3.    Off-Grid Communication
  4.    Travel Adapter
  5.    Wireless Headphones
  6.    Luggage Tucker
  7.    Waterproof Camera
  8.    Mini pocket Multilingual Assistance
  9.   Global Satellite Hotspot
  10.   Voltage Off-Grid USB Solar Backpack

Immersive Travel- to not so popular destinations:

Travelling to the world’s most popular places is never out of fashion. But immersive travel to discover some not so popular travel destinations is becoming a trend nowadays. People tend to discover the newness of an unfamiliar place and come across new sights, flavours, and motivations. There are a lot of advantages of immersive travel.

  •    Meeting New People
  •    Having a unique experience
  •    Discovering oneself more
  •    Going outside of comfort zone & regular travel
  •    Learning a new language
  •    Learning a new culture
  •    Discovering beautiful travel destinations

Travel for Foods- Foods for Travel:

We all love foods. Different places in the world are famous for their different signature dishes and recipes. When we travel to different cities and countries, we try out new foods and fall in love with them. Nowadays people travel to taste unique dishes of various chefs to different countries. People tend to enjoy the love of travel and food simultaneously. This gastronomic desire works as a motivation for their travel.

Travel to Discover & Learn:

For every traveller, there is always a special revelation when they travel. And this revelation is irrespective of the popularity of the destination. A traveller always learns something new and discovers something new whenever he goes outside of his home. Travellers come across the magical nature closely. Some people also travel for educational purposes to new destinations and different countries. Travelling also helps to discover oneself, one’s adventurous style, travel style, packing style, confidence, knowledge, happiness, language skills, and personality. Young students also come to know about the need for planning by travelling. Their decision making and problem-solving skills improve. We also learn the importance of being home when we come across the hurdles of traveling life. So, the trend of travel for educational purposes is emerging to a great extent nowadays.

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